One Crucial Lesson My Manager Taught Me

If I asked you what the most important tip, technique or strategy is that you learned in your sales career, what would you say? I easily remember the one that I learned early on because I’m reminded of it nearly every day. In fact just last week I read a story about Gary Emanuel, the defensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts, and I was reminded of the first lesson my sales manager taught me which was, “No  UFABETอันไหนคนสมัครเยอะ

matter how discouraged you get when cold calling or prospecting, never give up – because the very next phone call you make can change your day, or your career.” Here’s what happened to Gary:

Earlier this year, Gary wasn’t working in the NFL. In the last 31 autumns, he had been the typical football journeyman, working on 10 college staffs (including the likes of Plymouth State and Purdue) and only one pro staff (49ers, 2005-06). Gary’s dream was to return to the NFL but there were no teams banging down his door to interview him. So what did he do? He took action and began cold calling…

Call after call resulted in nothing but the typical, “You can send us your resume,” but he kept calling. Finally he reached the General Manager of the Colts, Ryan Grigson. Grigson told Peter King of Sports Illustrated:

“He cold-called me.” Grigson texted me (Peter) after the 17-14 win over Cleveland. “Getting (Emanuel) was like finding money in the street. We had all kinds of big-time recommendations, and after Chuck (Pagano – the head coach) and I met with Gary, we didn’t even want to talk with another DL coach.”

How’s that for a successful cold call? Now I’m sure that Gary, like you or me, got discouraged from all the other calls he made to teams that gave him the brush off. I’m sure he got tired of sending out his resume and calling back only to hear the same old brush off, “Oh, we’ll get back to you if we’re interested.” I’m sure the phone was heavy to pick up after a while, and I’ll bet there were times when he thought about giving up. But he persisted and he made that next call. And look what that persistence resulted in for him.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been calling and calling (both as a sales rep and as a sales consultant), and how much I’ve wanted to just give up. But I always remember what my manager taught me about how you never know what that next call can bring. And because I’ve made that next call, I have many stories of my own, and I can tell you now that many of my biggest clients came because I was willing to keep calling. In fact, here’s one of my favorite results:

Years ago I decided that I wanted to try and get a 30-year Tampa Bay Buccaneers anniversary patch for a new authentic jersey I had purchased. I didn’t know anyone at the Buccaneers so I did what I had been taught to do – I started cold calling. First I looked on the official team website and found out who the head trainer was. Using the techniques I teach and write about – being polite to gatekeepers by using ‘please,’ being assumptive and using instructional statements – I got through to the training room and was told that the trainers and team were in their final preseason work outs offsite and that I needed to call back in a few weeks. After several more calls to the department, I finally got the head trainer on the phone but he told me that he was too busy now preparing for the season, and that I could try him again in a few weeks. I did. When I got him on the phone again, I explained what I wanted and he said he would see what he could do. He took my name and address down and I waited.